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Damar consults is a leading consulting firm, focused on business development and social impact. We believe in the capacity of businesses and individuals to generate economic value for the communities and ecosystems they exist in; while simultaneously providing social value as well. Our motto is to help companies do well and do good. 

To achieve our goal of providing proven, top notch solutions; our methodologies are designed to;

  • Understand each client’s unique needs.
  • Maintain a formal and continuous relationship with clients.
  • Ensure world-class delivery with just the right amount of local adaptability.
  • Make use of top-notch tools for customer satisfaction.

Our Team

“Our motto is to help companies do well and do good.”

Debola Ajayi

Damar Consults CEO


‘Debola Ajayi is a writer, expert Business analyst, Strategist, seasoned Public Speaker, and the Principal Consultant of Damar Consults, a business development and social impact firm where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. 

He is certified in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School and the Co-founder of Kuwaza Africa, a non-profit organization focused on connecting young Africans between the ages of 18 and 35 with local and international opportunities, and to also empower them with employability skills. It also focuses on providing solutions to social initiatives along several lines, key amongst which are proposal writing, fund raising, team building amongst several others. The organization as so far connected several young Nigerians with opportunities like Acumen West Africa fellowship, African Change Makers Fellowship, D-prize international, amongst several others.

He has served as a Tier 2 super mentor with the She-Ventures mentorship program powered by First City Monument Bank [FCMB]; where he mentored and trained 80 women with entrepreneurial and technical tools.

He was also the Manager of The Cuppy Foundation, managing the over 10 million Pounds philanthropy budget of the Otedola’s; and also a Director of the Creative Enterprise Hub, established by Dr. Kennedy Okonkwo a Tech incubator designed to incubate businesses all across Africa. Over 30,000 USD was given out to the first cohort of businesses in this initiative. 

He is an Advocate with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network [SDSN] in support of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development with a unique focus on the S.D.G’s and the Paris Climate Change. 

He is also a fellow with The Inspire Africa Entrepreneurship Institute; a joint program by the U.S Consulate, Lagos and the Dickey Center, U.S.A. He is a certified Leadership Expert from The Wharton School Pennsylvania, a certified Business Strategist from Darden Business School, Virginia, and a certified trainer in design thinking by the U.S Consulate, Lagos and the inspire Africa Entrepreneurship Institute. 

He was recently awarded the Nelson Mandela Leadership award of excellence and integrity and also appointed as an Ecowas Youth Ambassador.

He is a certified fund raising and proposal writing for grants expert by Sozo Networks in partnership with Mandela Washington fellowship, the U.S department of State, the U.S Mission to Nigeria and Appalachian State University North Carolina.

He has served as the Head of Business development at Ultimus Holdings, a next generation company with focused operations in Private Equity, Construction, Property Development, Interior Design and Architecture, Facility management, Entertainment, Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and the Hospitality industry.

He was recently the Group, Deputy Managing Director at TransAlliance Group, a holding company with subsidiaries in foreign currency exchange, and Travel & Hospitality 

He has worked with other top For-profit and Non-profit initiatives such as Ultimus Holdings, The WellRose pharmacy Group, The Cuppy Foundation, The Nigerian American Chamber of commerce, bringing in his expertise and unique combination of strategy for Profitability and sustainability for these initiatives.

He is the founder and CEO of Spiren Technologies, a company that specializes in providing incubating and fund-raising services to companies in the technology sector.

Head, Brand Strategy and Design

Brand Identity Designer and Brand strategist who has worked with over 80 companies in establishing their brand presence, making them irresistible to their target audience and positioning them to achieve long term goals. She founded Kle Design Studio in 2017, which has grown to be one of the best Branding Agencies in Africa.

Within Kle Studio is a design school for kids where Beverly and her team teaches kids to use specialist design tools and software, top designers all over the world use today. A percentage of proceeds go into teaching and empowering young girls the same for free and equipping them with laptops and tools to express themselves and become entrepreneurial in the creative world. In 2021, Kle Woman was launched which is an initiative to empower African Female Entrepreneurs with exquisite and properly positioned brands with free Brand Strategy sessions, Brand Identity design or redesign and a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing modern website. Kle Woman partners with the likes of WIMBIZ and She Leads Africa to find women deserving of this quarterly gift.

Beverly Graduated from the University of Sussex in 2017, shortly before starting Kle Studio, where she studied Product Design Engineering with Business and Project Management. Hence, is a certified project manager and a member of the Product Design Institute, UK.

To be able to serve brands and business better, Beverly became a serial entrepreneur when she decided to put business and branding principles to practice by building two other companies in order to understand client pain points and what businesses and other entrepreneurs may need, especially in the luxury space. She now owns two thriving and contrasting businesses in the luxury space which are Arca Petit, a designer bag outlet shipping exclusively to Africa, directly from over 170 brands such as Chloe, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana and much more. The other company is called The Luxury Quarter, a niche real estate company which creates editorial style films of luxury properties and stages them with fully fitted furnishing.

Before Design, Beverly is an avid painter and has been creating Art since childhood. With her unique style of abstract expressionism with mixed media and photo-manipulation, she won the Art and Design award at Roedean School, Brighton 2013 and has since been selling her Artwork and prints on Saatchi Art online and her personal website –

More recently, Beverly worked in a global conglomerate, TransAlliance Group, as the Group Executive Director, Corporate Communications, where she managed all internal and external communication channels for the Group of companies which includes a financial services company – TransAlliance Capital and a Travel and Hospitality Services company – Fazo Travel and Hospitality Services. Prior to this role, she worked with and still consults with the Zenith Bank Corporate Communications team where she handled all offline creative communications such as newspaper Advertising and Billboards across the country.

Beverly absolutely loves the African Creative space and the creatives within that, hence is very open to collaborations and Creative Directing opportunities. She writes alongside her team in her online editorial – which is populated with educational articles that visual creatives across Africa absolutely love.

You can reach Beverly via LinkedIn (/beverly-owoghiri) and through her email,

Beverly Owoghiri

Head, Brand strategy and Design

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